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Shelby - Dawn

Shelby - Dawn


The triangular shape of our classic Shelby design is inspired by the Tennessee mountain ranges that we so love. The Dawn colorway features whitewashed wood and natural lath to create a look that's just as bright and new as the sun coming up over the mountains. 

20" x 9.5"

1767’s rustic wall art is created from wood rescued from various homes prior to their demolition in Nashville, TN. Each piece tells the story of the materials used to create it, including the address where the home once stood and the year it was built.

*Please note that since only found materials are used, wood color/tones will vary from piece to piece and will not be exactly as pictured. Also, finished dimensions may vary within .25"-.5" since we are working with inconsistent rough sawn lumber.

**Items ship in 1-5 business days.

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