February Featured Product: Knox Dawn

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you likely saw that we're trying out something new this year. We want to make our pieces available to everyone, so we're going to be featuring one discounted piece every month. We'll share exclusive details about the inspiration behind these products, and all month long, you'll get 15% off of that particular piece. 

Our first featured piece is the Knox in Dawn. This is one of our favorites because it really shows our growth, both in its design and in its concept. Knox was an older design that we decided to produce in two new colorways for fall. We weren't quite ready to give up this pattern when it came time to release new pieces; with its avant garde details and its reclaimed lath, it's kind of the perfect blend of all of our favorite, tried-and-true styles.

Rather than scrapping our beloved Knox simply to say that we made something new, we decided to re-release it in two conceptual colorways. Dusk featured charred wood to represent the hazy dark of dusk, while Dawn features whitewashed wood and natural lath to represent the light of dawn. 

If you're interested in buying Knox Dawn for 15% off, just use the code "FEBDEAL" at checkout. Be sure to check this space or sign up for our newsletter to take advantage of all of our monthly deals!