How-To Series: Decorate a Vignette

While most design blogs make vignettes on shelves or mantles look effortless and casual, some serious thought and planning goes into creating a seriously stylish vignette. While we're big fans of the trial-and-error technique, here are some tips to help get you started with creating displays on all of the surfaces in your home. 

  • Start with something large. While we think a 1767 piece makes a great start to any vignette, we may be a bit biased. No matter what you choose, you'll want to start with something large and eye-catching to use as the anchor of your display. 
  • Decide on placement. We like to place the largest piece (or pieces) first, since this usually helps the rest of the objects fall into place. Try placing a large vase toward one side, or prop an art piece against the wall in the center. 
  • Incorporate a plant. No good vignette is complete without a plant — stick one in there wherever you like and it's sure to brighten things up. 
  • Choose meaningful objects. Sure, you can go to a home goods store and buy some decorative items, but they're not going to make you happy when you look around your home. Instead, start slow and build your shelves full of meaningful, beautiful objects, such as gifts from friends, knick knacks from your travels and found items from your favorite thrift shops. 
  • Keep things useful. Most people would say that they could use a bit more storage space, so make your vignette useful by incorporating items that you actually need. Think writing utensils in an attractive cup in the office, cocktail supplies above a bar cart or dishes in the kitchen. 
  • Take a step back. Like most things in life, you won't know if your vignette is complete until you take a step back and look at it as a whole. There's always time to move things around or remove unnecessary items. 

How to Series: Style Your Home Using Macramé Plant Hangers

Wooden wall art and furniture may be our main game, but it's no secret that we love styling beautiful interiors as a whole. There are a few other classic décor items that we think look perfect paired with our 1767 pieces; one of those items is the ‘70s-style macramé plant hanger. This timeless, kitschy item is a must-have in the plant-filled house, and it's a handy way to hang your plants in small spaces. Here are a few ways that we love decorating with the macramé plant hanger.

  • Hang herb pots in the kitchen. No space on the windowsill for herbs? Add some fresh, flavorful zest to your dishes by growing basil, cilantro and other herbs in macramé hangers right in front of the sunniest spot in your kitchen.
  • Clean up the air in your bathroom. Keep your bathroom a bit fresher by hanging plant hangers near the window or even in the shower. Choose a plant that is especially good at cleaning the air, such as a spider plant or ficus.

  • Dress up your windows. Curtains can block out sunlight, and if you don’t have much to spare, you’re likely always looking for ways to allow more light into your room. Instead, hang some macramé plant hangers filled with air plants or draped vines from your window’s curtain rods. 

image:  Wit & Whistle
  • Take them outdoors. While most people think of macramé plant hangers as indoor items, they're actually incredibly durable, which makes them perfect for displaying plants on a porch or patio.

  • Think outside the plant. Instead of using your macramé hangers for plants, use them to display something else entirely. Think bowls of fruit, glass terrariums or other found objects.