How-To Series: Style a Fireplace

We recently purchased our first home, and one of our favorite features is the wood burning fireplace right in the middle of the living room. While our former rental house had a boarded-up fireplace that acted only as decoration, this one is a bonafide, working fireplace that we can fill with split logs all winter long. If you're lucky enough to have a fireplace — either functioning or decorative — you might find some inspiration from our favorite fireplace ideas. 

  • Add a custom wood cover. This is one of the first pieces we ever built: a patterned lath cover for the fireplace in our old home. It added so much texture and warmth to the room that we almost didn't miss the fire itself. 
  • Give it a facelift. One of the easiest ways to re-vamp an old fireplace is by adding a fresh coat of paint to the brick. We're suckers for stark white, but we can't help but dream of a matte black fireplace in the center of a room. 
  • Store wood in a beautiful way. Whether you have a functioning fireplace or not, you can fake it with a beautiful stack of wood nearby. 
  • Throw some fresh herbs inside. When you light a fire in your fireplace, toss in a bundle of fresh herbs like rosemary, sage, basil, or dried lavender. When they catch, it will fill your home with a scent that's even better than the fire itself. 
  • Invest in fireplace cookware. You may not realize it, but it is possible to cook in your indoor fireplace. Bon Appetit suggests grilling a steak in there, which sounds like a pretty great way to spend a winter afternoon.