The Fireflower Fire Pit

We love innovative, thoughtfully designed products here at 1767, so when our friends at Aesh Design recently told us about their new Fireflower Fire Pit, we couldn't wait to help them spread the word. This portable stainless steel fire pit packs totally flat so that you can take it with you anywhere, and once you unfold it, it quickly assembles into a sleek flower shape so that you can create a sturdy but lightweight fire pit anywhere you go. 

The Fireflower has three individual panels with a series of slots that fit together to form the fire pit, but once you're done, they're easy to pack flat and strap together to carry away. Even the grill portion of the Fireflower uses the same size module, so the whole thing fits together seamlessly. 

We're looking forward to doing some camping around Nashville now that the weather is getting cooler, and we can't wait to try one of these guys out. If you want to buy a Fireflower of your own, you can contribute to their Kickstarter. Pledging any amount helps this project get off the ground, but pledging $225 or more gets you a Fireflower of your own.