Fall / Winter '18 Preview: The Cumulus Collection

While 1767 started as a one-man operation in its earliest days, it’s long been a team effort (ever since… well, ever since we were able to hire a team). Tim, a longtime artisan on our design-and-build team, came up with a few really great designs for some one-of-a-kind pieces that we created over the summer, and we loved them so much that we told him to run with them. The result is the Cumulus Collection, a cohesive line of wooden wall art that blends our signature angles and lines with rounded, flowing shapes like we’ve never experimented with before.

For his first collection, Tim said that he was inspired by nature, first and foremost. When drawing inspiration, he would admire the sky on his drive to the 1767 studio each morning, think of the plants and trees he encountered on walks in the forest, and even call to mind the patterns he saw on insects, many of which looked like subliminal faces.

“This line is my interpretation of the sky as the giant hero, the giver of nature; and nature can’t help but thank it by mimicking similar patterns to show respect,” Tim said.

While the Cumulus Collection won’t be released until late fall, we wanted to give you all a sneak peek here. We couldn’t be prouder or more excited to release this line, especially since it’s been such a labor of love for one of our team members.


Design and Build: Mojo's Tacos in Franklin, TN

We're excited to show you guys a first look at a project we've been working on for a while. The folks at Powell Architects brought us on to collaborate with them on a design and build for Mojo's Tacos in Franklin, TN (just outside of Nashville).

This is the first project we've worked on with Powell Architects, but we think they knocked it out of the park as far as designing a welcoming, fun space with cool accents throughout. Mojo's Tacos is located in the Factory at Franklin, a sort of mall-type building with lots of local businesses and restaurants inside. It's the perfect spot for a beer with friends or some seriously good tacos while you shop. 


For the project, we did a few wood accents throughout the restaurant, all with pops of blue and hammered copper for a Southwestern vibe. The wood installations include a 40-foot bar front, a 12-foot-tall back bar and the custom Mojo's Tacos signage out front. This was a local Nashville project through and through, as we also collaborated with fellow makers I Saw the Sign and FLWR Shop to add some really colorful and unique details. 


While we love designing and creating our own pieces in our shop, getting to go out into areas around Nashville and work with other companies is becoming one of our favorite aspects of the work we do. Mojo's Tacos is a true labor of friendship and we can't wait to hopefully work alongside these talented people again in the near future.