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Home Tour: The Completed Neal House


A few months back a local developer in Nashville approached us to design the interior of a rental house, and we're thrilled to say that the project is finally complete. We enlisted our friends over at McCarn BnB, a successful Airbnb in the East Nashville neighborhood, to help us with those special touches that really make a rental space feel like home, and the finished product is a warm, unique blend of our two styles that we think visitors will love. 


The house itself — although an old 30s style brick cottage — is newly renovated, so our biggest challenge was giving the modern space some depth and interest. To do this, we went in a different direction from our usual mid-century modern style and Southwestern aesthetic to incorporate more traditional American furniture pieces and provincial touches throughout.

We sourced almost all of the decor items from local antique shops and our favorite Nashville Flea Market, and we balanced them out with functional, modern furniture pieces from places like IKEA. We also created a few custom 1767 pieces to display throughout the home. 

Here are a few photos of the finished product: a cozy, inspiring space that will make visitors to Nashville will feel right at home. 

To inquire about custom design jobs or commissions, reach out to 1767 online. 

Amy RobertsComment