Design and Build: Mojo's Tacos in Franklin, TN

We're excited to show you guys a first look at a project we've been working on for a while. The folks at Powell Architects brought us on to collaborate with them on a design and build for Mojo's Tacos in Franklin, TN (just outside of Nashville).

This is the first project we've worked on with Powell Architects, but we think they knocked it out of the park as far as designing a welcoming, fun space with cool accents throughout. Mojo's Tacos is located in the Factory at Franklin, a sort of mall-type building with lots of local businesses and restaurants inside. It's the perfect spot for a beer with friends or some seriously good tacos while you shop. 


For the project, we did a few wood accents throughout the restaurant, all with pops of blue and hammered copper for a Southwestern vibe. The wood installations include a 40-foot bar front, a 12-foot-tall back bar and the custom Mojo's Tacos signage out front. This was a local Nashville project through and through, as we also collaborated with fellow makers I Saw the Sign and FLWR Shop to add some really colorful and unique details. 


While we love designing and creating our own pieces in our shop, getting to go out into areas around Nashville and work with other companies is becoming one of our favorite aspects of the work we do. Mojo's Tacos is a true labor of friendship and we can't wait to hopefully work alongside these talented people again in the near future. 


Some Recent Commission Work

If you're visiting our website you likely already know what we do, but aside from the pieces that we have pictured on our shop, we also frequently create custom commissioned pieces for individuals and businesses. We always try to promote our commission services to customers because it's a great way to get exactly the style of piece that you want or to get something that perfectly fits an oddly shaped space. 

We've been taking on a lot of commission work lately, and it's been really great to work one-on-one with clients to design and execute the perfect wall art piece, a custom mantle or even a table that will be used for entertaining. 

Here are just a few of our favorite commission pieces from this year:

Interested in creating your own one of a kind piece of wooden art with us? The first step is just introducing yourself by emailing us at We'll walk you through the whole process of finding the perfect design, choosing colors and measuring the right size, or if you already have a really concrete idea of what you're looking for, we'll do all we can to make it happen. 

We hope to work together soon! 

The Suddarth Building - Gallatin, TN

Every now and then when we have a particularly interesting story behind a piece, we like to share a bit about the process on the blog. If you've been following along with our company you know that we source all of our wood from homes or buildings being torn down in the Nashville area, but because these places are normally being replaced with completely new buildings, we don't usually get to put the wood back into the original structure.

Recently, we got to re-use the wood from a 1924 building that is an iconic part of Gallatin, TN's public square. The building was originally the Suddarth department store (and most recently a pizzeria), but it's now 106 Public Square, a co-working space for creatives and entrepreneurs in the area. The new owners are lovingly restoring the building and maintaining as much of the original character as possible, and we were honored to play a role in helping to preserve some of the original building materials. 

Our finished product is a set of six vertical art pieces that will hang together to create one geometric design. We whitewashed the wood and added some charring and pops of muted turquoise to let the original beauty of the wood shine through while giving it a modern feel. We can't wait to share some more photos once we see the piece in its new, old home.

February Featured Product: Knox Dawn

If you subscribe to our newsletter, you likely saw that we're trying out something new this year. We want to make our pieces available to everyone, so we're going to be featuring one discounted piece every month. We'll share exclusive details about the inspiration behind these products, and all month long, you'll get 15% off of that particular piece. 

Our first featured piece is the Knox in Dawn. This is one of our favorites because it really shows our growth, both in its design and in its concept. Knox was an older design that we decided to produce in two new colorways for fall. We weren't quite ready to give up this pattern when it came time to release new pieces; with its avant garde details and its reclaimed lath, it's kind of the perfect blend of all of our favorite, tried-and-true styles.

Rather than scrapping our beloved Knox simply to say that we made something new, we decided to re-release it in two conceptual colorways. Dusk featured charred wood to represent the hazy dark of dusk, while Dawn features whitewashed wood and natural lath to represent the light of dawn. 

If you're interested in buying Knox Dawn for 15% off, just use the code "FEBDEAL" at checkout. Be sure to check this space or sign up for our newsletter to take advantage of all of our monthly deals!