Architect Spotlight: Joseph Eichler

If you follow along with our blog, you know that we've been diving deep into the history of modern architecture and the architects who have influenced it. This month, we're looking at Joseph Eichler, one of the most influential names in the mid-century modern movement and, most interestingly, tract housing. 


Eichler wasn't really an architect at all, but rather a real estate developer. Throughout the early 20th century, he was a major advocate of bringing the modern architecture that was popular in corporate buildings and larger, pricier custom homes to the general public through his company Eichler Homes.

Eichler Homes built more than 11,000 homes in Northern and Southern California between 1949 and 1966, and eventually these homes became known simply as "Eichlers". These homes were built in large developments of multiple identical units, but we love them because unlike similar developments, Eichler found a way to inject major modern style and design elements influenced by architects like Frank Lloyd Wright. By hiring architects and instructing them to create these affordable homes with the mid-century modern elements that Eichler appreciated, he created an entirely new type of tract housing.


Most of Eichler's homes are known for a few key factors. Many of them are constructed with flat, gabled roofs and low lines that line up with the horizon. There are few (and sometimes no) windows on the front facades, but large, floor-to-ceiling windows throughout the interiors. These homes were private from the street and open and full of light inside, while the public rooms were spacious with few walls and the private areas, such as the bedrooms and baths, were smaller and cozier. 

Today, Eichler's homes are synonymous with Californian architecture, and many people even refer to his style as "California contemporary". While Eichler sourced local elements such as redwood in Northern California, he also sourced materials that he loved from overseas, such as the mahogany he used on many of his homes’ walls.

all images via      Dwell

all images via Dwell

Our Favorite Things: August 2018

August came and went in a hot, humid blur, and with it came lots of growth and changes for our company. We're still working away at getting our showroom set up for its re-opening, finishing up lots of custom wall art projects and right in the middle of one of our biggest interior design jobs to date. 

If you're equally busy and looking for some things to keep you inspired and on track, here are some songs, shows and sites we loved this August. 



  • Japan planning. We're hitting the road for Japan this fall, and we couldn't be more excited to check out the gorgeous architecture, incredible restaurants and everything else that Japan has to offer. If you've been before and have suggestions, leave them in the comments! 
  • Creepy crime shows. We watched the Staircase and Sharp Objects this month, and both were great ways to unwind after a long day. Seriously creepy (and addicting!) 
  • This incredible Faroe Islands building. As soon as we saw this town hall building in the Faroe Islands, we were so inspired by the way it uses its natural surroundings as part of the architecture. The building was designed by Ósbjørn Jacobsen and is designed to look like it's floating right into the landscape. 
  • New Nashville hangouts. There's always a lot of action in the Nashville restaurant scene, and this summer we've seen quite a few new favorites pop up around town. We're particularly loving Folk and Wilburn Street Tavern in East Nashville. 
  • Music to work to. We're big fans of playing music (loud) to keep the whole shop motivated. This month we were loving the new Death Cab for Cutie and Childish Gambino.

Check out what else keeps us inspired on our Instagram and our Pinterest

How-To Series: Update Your Home's Exterior

We've been helping a lot of people lately who are buying homes with major potential, but that don't have much curb appeal going on currently. From '50s ranch homes that don't have that big, mid-century modern style to cozy bungalows that have seen better days on the exterior, these homes are charming, but just kind of... boring. 

There's no reason that you can't add some upgrades to a home's exterior even on a smaller budget; all it takes are a few smart touches to upgrade the facade without a full face lift. Here are a few of the budget-friendly renovations we've been making to the exteriors of homes we've worked on recently. 

  • A fresh coat of paint. It's the most obvious exterior job, but a fresh coat of paint makes a world of difference when it comes to updating brick, wood or even vinyl siding. We're always huge fans of matte black to make a house feel modern and unexpected, but stark white paint is also a great way to bring a cool, timeless charm to your home. 
  • Tiered flower beds. We recently built some wooden, tiered flower beds along the entire front of our home, and it's made the facade feel more complete and interesting. Instead of filling yours with the classic landscaping flowers, we love adding cacti, tropical plants (if you live in a warmer climate), bonsai trees or even tall sunflowers. 
  • A statement wooden wall. If you're looking to add mid-century flair or a California vibe no matter where you live, you might add a slatted wooden wall against the front door or along the porch. This element adds some contrast against the material of your home, and it even adds shade if your porch gets a bit too sunny in the afternoon. 
  • New, modern windows. This one is definitely a bit pricier, but if you have the budget for it, replacing the windows with larger, more modern windows is a great way to add style and natural light (always important!) to your home. Many people replace the existing windows with a newer version of the same size, but while you're doing all that, why not go for something bigger and better? 
  • Swap out the light fixtures and finishes. Barely any budget for exterior renovations? Even just switching things like the exterior light fixtures, doors and railings can make a huge impact. We recently built some custom outdoor light fixtures for our friends The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club, and it made a huge difference in that initial curb appeal. 

Interested in making some updates to your home's exterior? What a coincidence — so are we! Hit us up: 

A Craftsman Home Renovation in East Nashville

We recently took on one of our biggest home design projects to date, and we wanted to give you guys a glimpse into the beginning stages of the project. It's always been a goal of ours to be able to take on full-scale home renovation projects like this one, and it's been something that we've been working towards for a while now. This particular project is just a few minutes from our own home in the Greenwood neighborhood of East Nashville, and it involves a pretty but admittedly kinda crumbly craftsman bungalow with tons of charm to work with. 


Our in-house interior designer Leah is taking the reins in a big way on this one, working with the homeowners to reimagine the entire home and make the floorplan more open and modern (while still maintaining the original charm — you know us). We're also adding a bathroom and expanding on the kitchen, adding some functional space without actually adding an addition to the home itself. 


The homeowners are going to be the general contractors on this project, but we’re helping with the big stuff, including the custom trim, build-outs, and demo. In the next phase, Leah is helping the homeowners to design a new, opened-up kitchen to make it an open concept first floor, as well as adding custom built-ins and vanities (with sinks!) in the bedrooms. We'll also be renovating both of the existing bathrooms to make them more modern, functional, and a little less dusty.


On the outside, we'll be cleaning her up and doing some general maintenance and TLC. The home will get a fresh coat of paint, some new landscaping and if we have any say in it, a ton of plants lining the perimeter of that killer front porch. 


Are you interested in working with 1767 on your home renovation? Check out our other design projects here or let us know here

Our Favorite Things: July 2018

We're rounding out the month of July (and one of our busiest months to date), and we've been relying on things that will help us stay motivated, stay on track and stay inspired. The ins and outs of running a small business can get overwhelming at times, but as our business continues to grow and shift in ways we couldn't have imagined at first, we become even more thankful and excited for 1767's future. 

Here's everything that we loved online and off this month. 

Via  folly.folly  on instagram

Via folly.folly on instagram

  • This floating bar project. We posted about this floating bar for Rian's home both on Instagram and on our blog, and you guys seemed to really love it. We do, too — with its mirrored inlays, reclaimed wood shelves and floating effect, this is one of our favorite projects to date. 
  • Grilling heaps of fresh fish and veggies. Do you guys love grilling as much as we do in the summertime? After long days in the shop or the office, all we've wanted to do is come home and throw a giant tray of veggies, spices and fresh fish on the grill for dinner. 
  • Monday. We use this online task management system for lots of things, including keeping track of lathwork and metalwork projects, communicating between teams and planning our shipping schedule. During months as busy as this one was, we're especially thankful for organization programs like this one (and wanted to share the love with any other small businesses!)
  • Criminal. We love listening to podcasts while we're working, and this one is great. If you're into true crime (but not necessarily the gory aspects), it's worth a listen. 
  • Tiny pools. This summer (and every summer, really) has been a scorcher here in Nashville, and we've been dreaming of having a tiny plunge pool for cooling off. We love the livestock tank pool at the Joshua Tree House, and the owners recently published a DIY tutorial for how to make your own.  For more inspiration, check out this one, these, or these

A Custom Floating Bar for Rian's Nashville Home

We just wrapped on a project that's taken a lot of time and patience, but the finished product ended up being better than we even planned.


Our friend and client Rian Dawson and interior designer Zoe Cullen came to us wanting a custom console-bar hybrid for an empty space in Rian's Nashville home. Rian and Zoe were working to design his entire home, and they were looking for something truly unique and one-of-a-kind to function as a bar, but also to add some decorative elements to the living space. 

We love working with interior designers to bring their visions to life for a client’s space, and Zoe is definitely one of the best we've had the pleasure of collaborating with. We're open to just about any job a designer throws our way, no matter how large or how small, and building their trust in us to execute the project is extremely important to our process. Together with Zoe, we came up with the idea for a floating bar concept for Rian's home — part bar, part floating shelf, with mirrored elements and smart design that would allow it to hang on the wall and display his booze collection in a beautiful way. 


Once we showed Rian some rough concept drawings, he gave us the go-ahead (in fact, he kind of told us to do whatever we wanted — always a fun type of client). We set to work building out the bar top using reclaimed wood sourced from Layman Drug Co., a music production studio in Nashville housed in what was once a pharmacy back in the 1890s. A steel frame structure supports the glass shelves, and we added inlayed mirrors to the back of the bar portion to play off the bottles that it will hold. Our friends at The Fox Bar & Cocktail club even loaned us some beautiful barware to get some great photos once the work was done. The finished product is cool and modern, but also classic and filled with tons of Nashville history. 


There's no better feeling than pulling off a project like this, especially when we get to do it with talented designers like Zoe Cullen and great clients like Rian. Lately, we're always on the lookout for the next big project — the more off-the-wall, the better (and in the case of this floating bar, pun totally intended). 


Road Trip to Chattanooga With Treetop Hideaways

After the craziness of Porter Flea (our largest market of the year), our design and marketing team needed a little break and a bit of a creative reset. We've had our eyes on Chattanooga for some time now, and since it's only a little under two hours from Nashville, we decided to hit the road for some R&R in the mountains.


We reached out to a local company called Treetop Hideaways after seeing their modern treehouses on Instagram and they kindly let us take over their beautiful Elements Treehouse for the weekend. It was the perfect place for us to recharge our creative batteries. We found ourselves pretty well aligned with their mission because just like we recycle wood from Nashville's old homes to create our wall art, the Treetop Hideaways team incorporates reclaimed barn wood, antique windows and an old-fashioned, barn-raising construction style to create a modern look in their two treehouses.

The treehouse that we stayed in was cozy but spacious, with an open floor plan, tiny kitchen and one of the most luxurious showers we've seen just about anywhere (there's a mature tree growing up right through the center of it!). Upstairs, there's a loft space with skylights that allowed us to watch the rain fall during the night. 


While we mostly stayed cozied up in the treehouse enjoying the serenity and the beautiful view of Lookout Mountain, we ventured into Chattanooga for dinner and drinks at the Dwell Hotel and breakfast in the morning at The Bitter Alibi, both of which were delicious. We did some window shopping along Frazier Avenue, and we found some seriously good denim at Collective Clothing

On our last day we peeked over at the other treehouse next to ours and lusted over the floor-to-ceiling windows and the way-up-high deck. We'll definitely be back for another stay with Treetop Hideaways, and if you'd like to book your own stay, you can find them online here

This post was written in partnership with Treetop Hideaways. We received a free stay in exchange for our honest review. 

Porter Flea Summer Market 2018

Porter Flea weekends are always some the biggest weekends of the year for us, and we're so excited to unveil what we've been working on for this year's summer market. If you've never been, the event is Nashville's biggest handmade market, and this year it takes place at the Nashville Fairgrounds on June 29th and 30th. 

We have some fun things in mind for our booth this year, and we'll be sharing a ton of one-of-a-kind pieces just for Porter Flea. Whether you're interested in checking out our stuff in person, shopping the pieces that we'll have on site or even commissioning a custom piece or a full-on design job, we'd love to talk IRL! 

We're bringing along 80+ brand new pieces, about half of which are totally one-of-a-kind. We'll also have a few furniture items, including plant stands, tables and more. Here's a little glimpse of some of the pieces we'll have with us at Porter Flea: