A Commissioned Art Piece for TJ's Nashville Home

As our business has grown and changed over the years, we’ve found ourselves moving a bit away from selling in-stock wall art pieces and more toward selling commissioned lathwork pieces that we design from start to finish with the client. Our latest commission was a large-scale Southwestern patterned piece for TJ Osborne, a client of ours here in Nashville. We loved getting to work on this piece with TJ because the size of the piece was large enough to really make a statement in his home and allow for some serious creativity from both parties.

TJ Osborne Install. 9M6A4964-1.jpg

We knew that TJ was planning on hanging this piece in his stairwell, so it would be the main thing guests would see when coming or going from floor to floor. The piece hangs vertically, which is somewhat unique for us, and it features three central diamonds in a neutral black and white color scheme. We used charred wood to create the darker portions of the design, and we added hammered brass in slim sections to add a bit of texture and shine.

TJ Osborne Install. 9M6A4984-4.jpg
TJ Osborne Install. 9M6A4969-2.jpg

When we design these pieces with our clients, we schedule a design consultation online where we discuss exactly what the client is looking for, including everything from the budget for the piece to the size and the design. This can be as detailed or as open-ended as you like; while some clients go into their design consultation with an exact pattern and color scheme in mind, others tell us a general vibe or color palette and let us design something for them. We also love doing these types of custom projects because it allows us to really build a piece that fits the exact specifications of your home, so the finished product looks like it was meant to live in that space.

TJ Osborne Install. 9M6A4970-3.jpg

If you’re interested in getting started on a commissioned piece of your own, you can fill out the contact form on our website or email us at hello@1767designs.com.