A Schoolbus-Turned-Tiny-Home for Some Drifters

Every once in a while, we get approached to do a project that’s so cool, we just want to share it everywhere. The school bus we did for Some Drifters is one of those projects.

Married couple Jeff and Britt approached us to design some beautiful and functional elements for their school bus, which would soon become a tiny home for the couple to live and travel in. Tired of the fast pace and closed quarters of their life in Brooklyn, they decided to pack up and head out on the road, originally toward southeast Utah. Britt is a co-owner of the bohemian bridal company Daughters of Simone, and Jeff had hopes of turning the school bus project into what could eventually become a career. “The bus project was conceived on the road, on a cross country camping motorcycle trip a couple years back. It was a solution to a problem, to find a way to be able to explore, spend most of our time in the outdoors, but still stay connected and able to live our regular lives,” Jeff said.

Jeff didn’t want us to build out the school bus like a typical home remodel, but rather design portions of the bus that needed a little extra attention to detail. We designed the patterned flooring and interior layout, as well as some compact dining tables for inside the bus. On the outside, we designed the patterned wood facade that would be the first thing you’d notice when the bus pulls up (and kind of the main thing that removes it from its former school bus glory), as well as one of the coolest elements of the project: an extendable, fold-out patio that would allow the couple to sit on their “porch” when the bus isn’t in motion.

“When designing the bus, I really tried to give it everything I have, and in that search for the special, I found 1767. I just found Patrick's style to be so captivating. Artistic, sophisticated yet rustic... a novel approach with a total craftsmanship to his method. When you saw his work you could tell someone really cared and was passionate about the work. Once I saw his designs, my head just started sparking with inspiration and I just wanted to sorta inject his artistry into the bus. So, I reached out and asked him to design as much of the wood inlays as possible. Patrick ended up designing all the flip-up tables, the floor, the outside "woodie" panels, the deck floor and even gave me some helpful general design input on the interior that I went with, like doing the whole front driver area in wood.”

-Jeff, Some Drifters

We didn’t do the actual build for this project, so it was really fun and inspiring to collaborate and design these elements for Jeff and Britt to bring to life themselves. This is definitely a project that you just have to see to really understand, so have fun taking a little virtual tour through the photos below.

All photos by Kate Dearman.

All photos by Kate Dearman.