How-To Series: Update Your Home's Exterior

We've been helping a lot of people lately who are buying homes with major potential, but that don't have much curb appeal going on currently. From '50s ranch homes that don't have that big, mid-century modern style to cozy bungalows that have seen better days on the exterior, these homes are charming, but just kind of... boring. 

There's no reason that you can't add some upgrades to a home's exterior even on a smaller budget; all it takes are a few smart touches to upgrade the facade without a full face lift. Here are a few of the budget-friendly renovations we've been making to the exteriors of homes we've worked on recently. 

  • A fresh coat of paint. It's the most obvious exterior job, but a fresh coat of paint makes a world of difference when it comes to updating brick, wood or even vinyl siding. We're always huge fans of matte black to make a house feel modern and unexpected, but stark white paint is also a great way to bring a cool, timeless charm to your home. 
  • Tiered flower beds. We recently built some wooden, tiered flower beds along the entire front of our home, and it's made the facade feel more complete and interesting. Instead of filling yours with the classic landscaping flowers, we love adding cacti, tropical plants (if you live in a warmer climate), bonsai trees or even tall sunflowers. 
  • A statement wooden wall. If you're looking to add mid-century flair or a California vibe no matter where you live, you might add a slatted wooden wall against the front door or along the porch. This element adds some contrast against the material of your home, and it even adds shade if your porch gets a bit too sunny in the afternoon. 
  • New, modern windows. This one is definitely a bit pricier, but if you have the budget for it, replacing the windows with larger, more modern windows is a great way to add style and natural light (always important!) to your home. Many people replace the existing windows with a newer version of the same size, but while you're doing all that, why not go for something bigger and better? 
  • Swap out the light fixtures and finishes. Barely any budget for exterior renovations? Even just switching things like the exterior light fixtures, doors and railings can make a huge impact. We recently built some custom outdoor light fixtures for our friends The Fox Bar and Cocktail Club, and it made a huge difference in that initial curb appeal. 

Interested in making some updates to your home's exterior? What a coincidence — so are we! Hit us up: