Our Favorite Things: July 2018

We're rounding out the month of July (and one of our busiest months to date), and we've been relying on things that will help us stay motivated, stay on track and stay inspired. The ins and outs of running a small business can get overwhelming at times, but as our business continues to grow and shift in ways we couldn't have imagined at first, we become even more thankful and excited for 1767's future. 

Here's everything that we loved online and off this month. 

Via  folly.folly  on instagram

Via folly.folly on instagram

  • This floating bar project. We posted about this floating bar for Rian's home both on Instagram and on our blog, and you guys seemed to really love it. We do, too — with its mirrored inlays, reclaimed wood shelves and floating effect, this is one of our favorite projects to date. 
  • Grilling heaps of fresh fish and veggies. Do you guys love grilling as much as we do in the summertime? After long days in the shop or the office, all we've wanted to do is come home and throw a giant tray of veggies, spices and fresh fish on the grill for dinner. 
  • Monday. We use this online task management system for lots of things, including keeping track of lathwork and metalwork projects, communicating between teams and planning our shipping schedule. During months as busy as this one was, we're especially thankful for organization programs like this one (and wanted to share the love with any other small businesses!)
  • Criminal. We love listening to podcasts while we're working, and this one is great. If you're into true crime (but not necessarily the gory aspects), it's worth a listen. 
  • Tiny pools. This summer (and every summer, really) has been a scorcher here in Nashville, and we've been dreaming of having a tiny plunge pool for cooling off. We love the livestock tank pool at the Joshua Tree House, and the owners recently published a DIY tutorial for how to make your own.  For more inspiration, check out this one, these, or these