How-To Series: Spring Home Refresh

We're all about new beginnings here, especially when they involve getting rid of things that aren't working to make space for things that do. That's why we love the whole idea of "spring cleaning": de-cluttering our home, making things more efficient and taking some time to reevaluate how things operate in our space.

Here are some of the things we're planning on doing to refresh our home and shop this season. 

  • Clear out the things you don't need. You know that book everyone always talks about? Well, you don't have to read it in order to get the idea: the Japanese are on to something when it comes to clearing out the unnecessary clutter in your life. We're looking forward to going through our belongings, asking ourselves if they still have value and donating the things that don't. 
  • Tackle those little projects. Whether you own your house or you rent, there are always little home improvement projects that pile up. From installing a new clothing rack in a closet to an entire bathroom renovation, now is a great time to set aside some time (and money) to get those reno jobs done. 
  • Prep your outdoor space. If you're anything like us, you think every hangout is more fun if it's outside. We're planning on making this the year that we finally make our patio a place for a few drinks with friends by adding some furniture, incorporating outdoor lighting and brightening it up with lots of plants. 
  • Switch out your linens. This one is pretty specific, but we love the idea of switching out heavy winter bedding and shabby towels with light linens for the warmer seasons. 
  • Make the most of your windows. Now that the days are longer and the temperatures are warmer, you'll likely be using your windows a lot more. Give them a thorough wash inside and out to clean off any winter debris, then trade in any heavy window treatments for light, white curtains or blinds that you can easily pull away.