Pricing + Shipping Transparency


For the sake of transparency in our pricing, we wanted to update you guys on something that we’ve been working on for a while now (and something we think you’ll be pretty happy about).

We realized a little while back that we were able to take advantage of some loyalty discounts through our shipping provider since we ship so many items, and we were excited to pass the shipping savings on to you. The majority of 1767 pieces are made of solid, reclaimed hardwood, which means that they aren’t exactly cheap to ship.

Unfortunately, we quickly realized that our online platform doesn’t allow us to create custom shipping prices; rather, the online platform pulls standard shipping prices directly from the shipping provider based on the size and weight of the item, without factoring in any loyalty discounts we may have.

This left us with a decision to make: we could go the easy route and allow our website to continue to calculate shipping automatically (even though we’re now eligible for shipping discounts), or we could manually tack the cost of shipping (including our discount) on to the price of each item. Since we know that the cost of shipping is sometimes what stands in the way of a purchase for many of you, we decided to figure out out what shipping would cost for each item and manually add that on to each item’s price.

So what does that mean for your purchase? Well, if you already had your eye on a specific item, it may look like the price has gone up — but we can assure you that it hasn’t. With our new “sorta free shipping” pricing system, the cost of (discounted!) shipping is automatically included in the price of every item, so there will be no more pricey fees once you add that item to your cart. This will save you a few bucks on shipping with each purchase — even if it requires a bit of extra explaining on our end.

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