Our Favorite Things: October 2018

October is here, bringing with it cooler temperatures (occasionally — it is still Nashville, after all) and a bit of relief from the busy summer season. We can’t help but want to take things a little bit slower this season, even when work doesn’t exactly make that possible. It’s nice to take a few moments to yourself to make a slow cup of coffee on a chilly morning, listen to podcast on a walk around the neighborhood or just sneak in an afternoon nap as you transition into fall.

Here’s everything we’re loving on those slow autumn days.

  • Planning for Japan. We’re heading to Japan this month on a much-needed (and much-planned-for) vacation, and we’ve been bookmarking just about every beautiful place we see online. This list of incredible buildings in Tokyo is just one of the things that has us daydreaming of Japanese architecture.

  • Truck Furniture. At the top of our Japan list is this incredible furniture company that we’ve been following online for a few years now. Truck Furniture is a stunningly simple, modern furniture company headquartered in Osaka, and we’re making it a priority to check out their incredible showroom in person.

  • Dr. Death. If you’re a podcast lover like we are, then you’re likely always on the hunt for that next addictive show to become the next Serial. If you’re into true crime (or just really great storytelling), you’ll definitely want to binge-listen to this one.

  • The perfect cup of campfire coffee. This fall, we’re hoping to spend as much time as possible outdoors, preferably around an open fire. This article shows you how to make a great cup of coffee over a campfire, which seems like it will come in pretty handy on those fall camping trips.

  • Leanne Ford’s Echo Park home. One of our favorite interior designers, Leanne Ford, just listed her Echo Park cabin — and it definitely has us dreaming of skipping town in favor of the West Coast.

  • Fireclay Tile. This made-in-America tile company creates handcrafted tile in more than 130 individually mixed colors. We can’t stop admiring the huge variety of shapes, sizes and color combinations that people create using their tiles (and if you follow them on Instagram, you’ll also love how satisfying it is to watch Fireclay employees hand paint each tile).