How-To Series: Throw a Great Party

Since the only thing we have on our minds this week is our Showroom Opening Party on Saturday, we figured we'd share a few of our favorite party-planning tips with all of you. Now, this has nothing to do with etiquette and everything to do with atmosphere — from creating a cozy, welcoming space to filling our guests up with our favorite foods, these tips are all about making people happy. Enjoy! 

  • Set the scene. Whether you're throwing a bash in your backyard or renting out a space, we're big believers in always adding your own touch. Outdoors, you can scatter some vintage rugs on the ground for instant seating, add some string lights for a bit of ambiance and even set out a few games (bocce ball, anyone?). Inside, you can hang some paper lanterns, light your favorite candles and add some additional seating with pillows on the floor. PS: our serving trays make great party accessories! 
  • Add some music. Since we live in Nashville, we're lucky enough to have a musician (or two... or three...) at just about every party. While an acoustic guitar and a mandolin are great party entertainment if you have people who know how to use them, you can get just as much out of a stack of records and a record player. 
  • Plan the menu. We love eating, and we're not stingy with our food. We love making big batches of tacos, grilling up carne asada or setting out heaping bowls of homemade guac for our guests. No matter what you serve, be sure to order plenty for the whole group — too much is always better than not enough. 
  • Provide some entertainment. We love playing games, especially board games and ping pong. While some games are great as the focal point of a party (such as volleyball at a barbecue or charades at a game night gathering), things like cards or horseshoes are great back-ups if things start to get dull. 

Now that you know how we like to get down, we hope to see you on Saturday at our Showroom Opening Party! You can expect great music, great food, and great times in our brand new space.