A House Demo That's Close to Home

If you follow along with 1767 in any way, you know that we source all of the wood that we use in our art and furniture pieces from old homes that were recently torn down in the Nashville area. There's always a mixture of sadness and inspiration that comes when our team heads into a house to take out all of its old lath, because while we love to see our city grow and to use this weathered wood to tell our own story, we can't help but wish that we could save every single one of these homes. 

Last week, we got a call from our old landlord that we kind of always expected to get, but weren't totally prepared for. We rented a house on Byrum Avenue in Wedgewood-Houston when we first moved to Nashville, and we even tried to make a few offers on that house, but to no avail. Last year, we finally moved out when we bought our own place in East Nashville. When our old landlord called, we knew immediately what he wanted, and by that afternoon we were pulling the lath out from the walls of our old bedroom, our cozy little kitchen, even the tiny, backroom workspace where 1767 began. 

We're thankful that we got to spend so many wonderful days in that little house, but it was a heavy experience to be a part of its end. We can't help but feel like it was in the cards for us to be there just in time to get the wood and use it for the business that was born right inside those walls.