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1767 Showroom Update

We've been sharing bits and pieces about our 1767 showroom progress for the past few months, and we're excited to say that the project is close to being completely finished. Our aim for this showroom is to create a space where we can work with fellow Nashville creatives, give our customers a chance to see our pieces in person and to sell goods from some of our other favorite makers. 

When we first took over the building, it was just an empty warehouse with some poorly built walls. We tore down the original walls and added our own new ones to separate our workspace from the showroom portion, and we even added space for co-working spaces that will soon house some of our favorite fellow Nashville creatives.

We can't wait to meet all of you when the showroom opens at the end of the summer. We'll be throwing a huge opening party on August 12, so we hope to see you there!