How-To Series: Make the Most of a Guest Room

Though we have a proper guest room in our new home, we're no strangers to hosting guests in a one-bedroom apartment or attempting to transform an office into a temporary bedroom for out-of-towners. Whether you're working with a full spare bedroom or just a nook in your common living area, here are some of our favorite tips for making guests feel at home. 

image via  Design*Sponge

image via Design*Sponge

  • Create a private area. If your guests are able to close the door when they want to change clothes or have some down-time, this step is simple. If they'll be sleeping in a common space, this one takes some thought. Try using a room divider screen to create some privacy for your guests, or if you can, put an air mattress in another room so that they're able to create their own designated space throughout the visit. 
  • Make it comfy. The days of tossing a pillow and blanket on the couch are gone (at least in our home). We know that guests want a good night's sleep, so we always try to make things comfortable with an extra mattress pad, clean, fresh sheets, extra blankets and proper bed pillows. 
  • Add some decor. It's not an essential step, but adding some homey touches is a nice way to make their stay more special. We like to put one of our art pieces above the guest bed, add patterned throw blankets and place a plant nearby.
  • Amenities! If you watched Parks and Recreation, you know how important those amenities are, even in a home. It's simple and sweet to make a little welcome basket for your guests to find as soon as they arrive — just fill any old basket with a few snacks, some water bottles, candy and maybe their favorite wine or beer. 
  • Consider the bathroom situation. If you're like most young people, you're probably only working with one bathroom (two if you're lucky). It's a nice touch to give your guests a few things that they may have forgotten, such as shampoo, soap, toothpaste and fresh towels, to make their stay a little easier.