How-To Series: Style a Serving Tray

In celebration of our new 1767 serving trays, we want to share some of our favorite ways to use them. Whether you need something to help serve cocktails on your patio this summer or a way to keep your breakfast in bed secure, these trays come in two different sizes to use however you want. Here's some inspiration to help you style a serving tray. 

  • On a bar cart. Place one of our trays on top of a bar cart or liquor cabinet to keep bottles together or to create a designated area for cocktail supplies. If you don't have a bar cart, you can also use a tray to map out an area on a larger surface for storing booze. 
  • As a coffee tray. Whether you want to have coffee in bed or just at the kitchen table, you can use a tray to keep everything organized. Place some mugs, a French press, sugar and a spoons on the tray (or make it your own with whatever you take in your coffee).
  • On a shelf or table. These serving trays are just as pretty as they are functional, so you can also use them to create a vignette on a shelf. Add an art object, a vase of flowers, a small succulent or a stack of books inside the tray.
  • To organize a vanity. Keep beauty products corralled by placing them in mason jars, ceramic ring bowls or other small organizers and arranging them on a tray on your vanity.