A Colorful, Bohemian Headboard for Ryan & Rachel


We always love it when clients come to us with really unique custom project ideas, so when Ryan and Rachel approached us to create a bohemian-style headboard for their new home, we couldn’t wait to hear about their vision. We’re usually more partial to things that are a bit more minimal and Southwestern-inspired, so it felt pretty exciting to go in a completely different direction with this one and see what we could come up with together.

Ryan and Rachel love all things bright and colorful, so they requested alternating strips of lath in shades of pink, blue, black and white. We sourced the wood from a 1930s home that was recently torn down in Nashville’s Breeze Hill neighborhood, and we accented it with our new favorite textured copper. They also wanted it to be big — like, really big — and in the end, the final product amounted to a whopping eight feet tall. 

Once we installed the piece above their bed, Ryan and Rachel did their own part in styling it to make it their own. They added even more pops of color in the form of mismatched red and pink pillows, and a stark white Moroccan wedding blanket covered in silver sequins brought even more texture into the mix. 

The headboard’s end result is a really cool mix of our own style and Ryan and Rachel’s funky, globally influenced tastes, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. 

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