The Beginnings of 1767 Home

Candle samples slowly drying in the morning light.

While handmade wood creations will always be our bread and butter, we’ve been thinking a lot lately about what the next step is for 1767.

We’ve always envisioned a complete line of items that are made with care, by hand, to add something special to your home. Our coffee tables create a place for gathering, drinking, playing; our wall art brings something unique to even the most cookie cutter rooms. With our next collection, we hope to tie those things together in an even cozier, more complete way.

1767 Home will consist of complementary items to fit right in with both our wooden creations and with your lifestyle. The collection will start with a small batch of hand-poured candles made right where 1767 first began: in our own home. We’ve spent months sniffing out the perfect scents, inviting friends over to lend us their noses and tinkering with combinations of notes that bounce between warm and fresh, citrus and woodsy.

What we discovered along the way is a selection of candle scents made especially for displaying on 1767 tables. Notes of coffee, sweet orange, cedar and clove bring to life what we consider the scent of home, the smell of all of our favorite things.

Want to catch a whiff of 1767 Home? Keep an eye out for our Spring 2016 release coming this April, and don’t forget to keep up with us on Instagram.