shop updates, new adventures, and treasures announced.


So! The last time we spoke things got really awesome while exploring a home in the 12 South neighborhood. I had the pleasure of meeting Sam, a man whom had lived in the home since he was 1. He gave me a personal tour of his childhood home and shared some awesome stories with me along the way. Read the full blog post here. Since then, I have pushed myself to make it a priority to better document my exploration of Nashville's urban decay.


During these adventures, I often discover hidden treasures left behind by the home's previous owner. Unique home decor, vintage furniture, and knick-knacks. Until now, I wasn't sure what to do with the treasures I come across. Going forward, these unique pieces will be rescued, curated, and documented, then posted in my shop so that you can make them a part of your home. 



Trenton and I spent the whole day photographing and documenting and we are extremely excited to share our latest adventure exploring another Nashville home, as well as the many treasures we discovered. These are just a handful of awesome photos from today, and just a taste of some of the awesomeness that ensued last week. Please stay tuned for a full blog post, as well as a huge shop updated!