1767 is a group of creatives based in Nashville, TN. We are passionate about designing and creating quality handmade goods, rich with history, for modern homes & businesses. While our roots lie in reclaiming wood from Nashville’s urban decay, our sights are firmly set on a hopeful future.

With Southwestern-inspired patterns and art deco influence throughout, 1767 aims to bring our favorite parts of American design to classic tables, sturdy wall art and custom accents that fit seamlessly into the home. ­All of the wood that we use for these pieces is sourced from homes that were recently torn down in the Nashville area. Our pieces not only help to save centuries-old wood from an undeserved and wasted fate, they each come with their own stories to tell. 

In 2016, 1767 began offering interior design services for both home and commercial spaces. Our small creative team has since worked to style rental properties, created a custom art installation to the lobby of a boutique hotel, and even added our patterned wood designs to new bars in the Nashville area.